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A SHAPE online claim system is available for all SHAPE subcontractors here.

Welcome to the SHAPE Subcontractor Portal

The SHAPE Subcontractor Portal is an initiative designed to improve the way we do business with our subcontractors. It’s all about streamlining our current business practices so it saves everyone time and money.

The first available portal functionality is document delivery; allowing a SHAPE subcontractor to get the project documents they require to either quote or deliver a project. This replaces the tedious process of either physically picking up plans from SHAPE or waiting for documents to arrive in the mail. This process also improves quality by ensuring everyone is working off the latest revision of a document and making addendums available to subcontractors as soon as they are uploaded to SHAPE’s production system.

The Tender Board allows a SHAPE subcontractor to see what projects SHAPE are currently tendering which they may be interested in submitted a price for. Subcontractors can also subscribe to email alerts when new projects become available.

Further developments to improve and enhance the scope of the portal are also currently in development and we welcome your feedback.

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